Global Trends

Tsvi addresses global issues according to six major concepts:

  1. Constitutionalism: an 'ism', which advocates for the unalienable rights of the individual in
     contrast to collectivist ideologies which tend to become totalitarian.
  2. Tolerance: the search for perfection is inherently totalitarian. George Orwell, criticizing Gandhi, wrote: "The essence of being human is that one does not seek perfection… (those who) aspire to sainthood have never felt much temptation to be human beings".
    Constitutionalism strives to make better societies out of imperfect human beings.
  3. Futurism: like constitutionalism, is an 'ism' which advocates that the future is always more important than the past. We live in the future and cannot live in the past.
    We have moral and ethical responsibility for the future. Free, autonomous human beings
     should never let the past become a dictator over their lives and policies
  4. Grand Strategy: preference for policies that favor long term, inclusive aims over short term operational and tactical convenience. Grand strategic considerations are also the filter through which ideological principles and policy desires must pass in order to test their practical and moral utility.
  5. Consequentialist Ethics: the relative morality of any policy must be judged by its positive consequences for society without violating the unalienable rights of the individual. Ethics that stress intent rather than consequences should be rejected, as should "the greatest good for the greatest number" principal, which is often used to violate individual rights and becomes the basis for Totalitarian Democracy.
  6. Humanity in Space: represents the greatest evolutionary development since the first amphibians crawled onto land. Our "natural" environment is no longer limited to the Earth's planetary crust but now encompasses cosmic vastness. This renders all legacy religions, philosophies, ideologies, and worldviews inadequate to the spiritual and psychological needs of the Human Race.

Sample Keynotes:

  • Reinventing the Welfare State
  • No Limits to Growth
  • Thinking Strategically about the Future
  • Constitutionalism vs. Democracy
  • How Real-time Change Subverts Planning
  • The Future of the God Idea
  • The Future of the Religion Business

Target Audiences (public and private sector entities as well as NGOs):

  • Conventions and Conferences
  • Strategic Planning Meetings and Symposia
  • Informal Education and Enrichment Frameworks