Research & Consulting Services For Global Issues

Research Services

Tsvi provides clients with applied research documents – documents that are usable rather than theoretical.

These documents usually have three distinct parts:

  • Part I - an intelligible summation of major scientific, technological and production trends impacting our
    economic, social, political, cultural and organizational lives.
  • Part II - alternative future scenarios as to how the particular individual, organizational or business client
    might react to these trends creatively and productively.
  • Part III – strategies for implementing future scenarios

The research objective is to help clients envisage alternative ways of doing things.

Who are these services for?

  1. Organizational consultants who require cogent (stress on cogent) background material in order to best
    serve their clients.
  2. Organizations that understand the importance of looking forward for success. 

Consulting Services

Tsvi's consultations have five stages:

  • The Interview Stage – talking to key people in the organization and requesting they complete a
     preliminary SWOT/PEST questionnaire.
  • The Preliminary Summation Stage – providing a preliminary profile of the organization based upon
     the preliminary SWOT/PEST questionnaire. 
  • The Review Stage – comparing the clients’ SWOT/PEST analysis with his own SWOT/PEST analysis.
    During this stage the clients reformulate their analysis.
  • The Accompanying Stage (optional) Tsvi accompanies clients during their workday, garnering
    information that enables him to compare the clients own reformulated analysis with the way they
    actually work and make decisions
  • The Final Summation Stage – a final report that makes concrete recommendations for implementation

This service is for individuals or organization that have a general idea of what needs to be done but that
require clarification and guidance in order to achieve their aims. Organizational consultants can also use
this service as a supplement to their own service.