Tsvi Bisk is a futurist whose approach is historical and strategic –
how to get from here to there in order to achieve "desired" futures.
His expertise ranges from specific Jewish issues, to global development and environmental issues, to the spiritual future of humanity in the space age.

Tsvi keynotes conferences and gatherings with the aim of clearing away the rubble of conventional thinking and ways of doing things.
He creates workshops and seminars geared to releasing the creative energies inherent in organizations and individuals.

In collaborating with other futurists and consultants who wish to expand the services they provide to their clients, Tsvi can enrich their offerings in a variety of areas:

  • Mitigating the Israeli/Palestinian conflict and its potential effect on the future of the Middle East:
    economically, culturally, socially and constitutionally.
  • The future of Israeli-Diaspora relations and its potential impact on the Middle East as well as American
     and European politics.
  • Why there are no limits to growth – how science and technology enable a world population of 12 billion
     to achieve an American standard of living with zero negative environmental impact.
  • How the space age obligates a revolution in philosophy and religion.

Tsvi Bisk

Tsvi Bisk is a long-time futurist, a lecturer and an author.
He has collaborated with businesses and organizations worldwide,
helping them explore possibilities and seize opportunities.
His knowledge and creativity are his distinguishing hallmark.

The Center for Strategic Futurist Thinking

The Center for Strategic Futurist Thinking is a strategic consultancy focused on
economic and business development, global trends and Jewish matters.
We are devoted to devising practical strategies to achieving a desired
future in any given field.


  • 'WHAT THE HELL DOES IT ALL MEAN?' is the fundamental question that human beings have asked since humanity became conscious of its own consciousness; the question that has motivated all religious and philosophical speculation, scientific endeavor, artistic creativity and entrepreneurial innovation throughout the ages. It is the question that we try to answer in order to rationalize...

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  • "The Suicide of the Jews" is a cautionary tale about ow Israel's policies might lead to its destruction and the end of the Jewish People...

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  • Presents a comprehensive critique of where the Jewish People are, how we got here and where we should be going if we want to not only survive but also to flourish...

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  • Assert that the 21st Century can be the Jewish Century, no other people is better prepared to face its challenges. However, a stress on the Jewish Future must replace a preoccupation with the Jewish Past.  Offerad is a neo-Zionist ideological analysis of modern Jewish life as an alternative to both classical Zionism and post-Zionism...

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  • Available in English and Hebrew

    Israel's governance problems are not the fault of its electoral system and would not be solved by changing the system. Every other possible alternative system has its own inventory of imperfections, which are mostly unfamiliar to us but just as bad as ours.

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